3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro key


Powerful Android 3C Toolbox Pro

3C Toolbox is the name of a very powerful and complete toolbox for Android phones that provides many features to users. This time on the ApkTops site, we have prepared the Pro version of this program for you.

Features of 3C Toolbox Pro

  • Ability to hide any tab or menu
  • Edit all home button
  • Automatic or manual arrangement of programs in program management
  • Multiple selection in root view mode
  • Ability to automatically back up updated programs
  • Get notification icon packs directly from the app
  • Display notifications for newly installed applications
  • Create multiple apps monitors and profiles
  • Automatic battery indicator and multiple battery management
  • Add a notifications shortcut to access any feature in the notifications status bar
  • Has different widgets in different sizes


Have you ever considered using a software and meeting all your needs using the same software? Doing so will eliminate the need for you to install multiple applications on your mobile phone, and one application you have installed will be able to meet your needs to a large extent. You’ve probably heard the name 3C Toolbox software.

This program is one of the most powerful and complete software in this field and it is mentioned as a complete and professional toolbox that by having it installed on your mobile phone, you can get excellent features and Wide access. In the following, we have fully examined the features of the powerful 3C Toolbox program.

Comprehensive features:

  • Ability to save battery consumption and optimize its operation
  • Control and manage CPU consumption, IO and device status
  • Manage applications anywhere

Device management

  • Device related profiles
  • Manage tasks and schedules
  • Ability to auto-execute a profile, execute a task, or display an alarm

Show Files

  • Ability to copy, paste, delete, move, share, zip and folders and regular files
  • Change access to files and folders
  • Ability to access Samba network shares

Application management

  • Backup apk and data applications, SMS and call history
  • Ability to remove phone programs and update cleaners
  • Email sharing, Dropbox, Google Drive and…
  • Ability to transfer any program from internal memory to external memory
  • Freeze / unfreeze programs with the ability to control startup programs and events
  • Ability to control application notifications, access, rotation, fullscreen and…
  • Identify applications that use a lot of your phone battery

network manager

  • Prioritize WiFi access point
  • Android Firewall Configuration

Task management

  • Check CPU, network and memory usage
  • Forced closure of any program or kernel processing
  • automatic task killer, speed up memory and clear it