Anubis – Icon Pack v1.3 – Special and beautiful Anubis Icon Pack application for the purchased and complete version of Android for


Android user interface personalization consists of several different layers and in these layers you can change one of the elements displayed by the screen. One of the most effective layers that has a great impact on the beauty of the screen is the icons. By default, smart device companies try to provide users with specific icons designed by their company. But usually these icons are boring and in the long run the user decides to change them. The best possible way to make changes in the icons is to use special packages that Farsroid website, as the best Persian language Android website, has provided you with the best ones so far. Anubis – Icon PackThe title of the special and beautiful Anubis icon pack is developed by Eatos and published on Google Play for $ 1.99. One of the main reasons that this icon pack is highly regarded by users is its proprietary designs. Beautiful designs in which the best colors are used. There are more than 2900 different icons in the database of this software, which of course covers various programs and games. If you look at the list of these icons, you will see several dynamic icons that you will be able to use to change the calendar icon. As the developer has pointed out, in addition to these icons, a set of 100 wallpapers is also available, and their high compatibility with these icons doubles the beauty of your beloved smartphone screen.

Some features and capabilities of Anubis – Icon Pack Android application:

  • Access to over 2900 different and diverse colorful icons
  • Extremely high quality icons and beautiful designs
  • Use the best colors in the available symbols
  • Comes with icons with a set of 100 custom wallpapers
  • Several dynamic icons for Google Calendar
  • Send a request for the developer to create your favorite icon
  • Supports 30 popular launcher and popular Android, the
  • Constant updates to access new icons
  • Option to search the list of icons


Anubis - Icon Pack