The latest version of Dream Town Story game for Android

Game  Dream Town Story is a game simulation is very attractive for Android by Game Studios Kairosoft Co., Ltd, which has other attractive games we’ve seen it and been released. In this fascinating game, you will continue the story of your dream city. Different games allow you to build a big city and upgrade it, and this title is in the same style. You have to build different houses and move them to your city. By building houses, citizens will be added to your population and you will have to create all kinds of shops and stores for them.


Features of Dream Town Story

  • A fascinating simulation game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Two-dimensional pixel graphics
  • Attractive challenges
  • Build all kinds of houses
  • Build shops and stores
  • Discover new areas
  • Attract new citizens
  • And other features


As mentioned, Dream Town Story is a very attractive simulation game for Android, which you can enter and run in the world of urban planning. You have to build all kinds of houses and shops and fill your city. By selling bicycles and vehicles to citizens, you can encourage them to travel and explore different areas and discover new areas yourself. You will face various challenges and you should try to meet the different needs of citizens and add more houses and shops to your statistics. The game has beautiful pixel graphics and offers you easy gameplay.