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The latest version of Drops: Learn 32 new languages

Learn the words of 32 living languages ​​of the world

Application Drops: Learn 32 new languages a tool of awesome that using it can get busy learning a foreign language vocabulary. In order to learn a new language, one must practice its various topics and parts. One of these parts is the words of the new language, which are in fact the largest and most important part of that language. With this program, you can learn the words of thirty-two living languages ​​of the world. As the name of this program suggests, you learn vocabulary drop by drop and you can achieve your goal well by devoting a little time during the day and continuing to learn.

Drops Features: Learn 32 new languages

  • An attractive educational tool
  • Learn the words of more than 32 living languages ​​of the world
  • 5 minute training during the day
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Skills tests
  • Different categories for words
  • Listen to the pronunciation of words
  • Lack of attention to grammar
  • Learn in a fun and new way
  • And other facilities


As mentioned, Drops: Learn 32 new languages ​​is a practical tool that you can use to learn words in different languages ​​of the world. You do not spend much time learning and you only learn in short sessions of five minutes during the day. The tutorials in the program will be creative and engaging and will never get boring for you and you can learn the words well by doing the daily tutorials. At the same time, you will learn new words to test your skills. And you can watch your progress and learn words from the categories you want.