ImageMeter Pro – photo measure v3.5.16 – Image measurement application for Android,
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ImageMeter Pro – photo measure is a highly functional and engineering application for measuring different dimensions, angles and locations in images for Android.Published by Dirk Farin Studios for $ 4.49 on Google Play. With this program, you can easily select an image from the gallery or take a photo of your surroundings with the camera, and then easily add dimensions to the images by marking different points. In addition to entering the dimensions between two points or places manually, it is enough to select the general framework of the shape environment and by determining the point in the selected environment, you can see the existing dimensions completely automatically; You should also know that this program can easily identify all laser measuring devices and gadgets and connect to them via Bluetooth so that you can perform measurements in the simplest possible way. The most common time to use ImageMeter In places and areas with very difficult shapes that require extensive calculations to measure them, in addition to measuring the length and width of this software is able to accurately analyze the environment and the sizes issued by you, Also provide you with the angle of the selection points.

Some features and capabilities of ImageMeter Pro – photo measure Android application:

  • Measure length, width, angle, circle and areas that do not have a specific shape
  • Output the obtained dimensions on images in PDF, JPEG or PNG formats
  • Sort folders by date or compress them to your liking
  • Connect to gadgets and laser measuring devices
  • Supports both metric and imperial units in a completely accurate way
  • Receive different inputs by simply entering the sides of the desired environment
  • Unlimited annotation capability

Application ImageMeter Pro – photo measure has been able to thousands of Active and also price $ 4.49 Score 4.3 from 5.0 won already the newest version of the server Farare available and can be easily downloaded. As a person who owns an Android device, you can always download the latest version of this program or other programs from d for free and with a direct link.