The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot v6.1.0 – Interesting role-playing game “Big Mission” for Android
Another fascinating online game from the famous Ubisoft company
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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – The Great Mission for Epic Loot The title of another game made by UbisoftFor Android operating system, which is produced in RPG style and released for free. The game was first produced in February 2015 and released for the PC platform (Windows), and after 4 years, a remastered version of it was released for smartphones. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is one of the Ubisoft games in which the theme and theme of other games of this company can also be seen. For example, the game was released at the same time as Watch Dogs, and its gameplay and theme were seen as an add-on package in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. The big mission game has received several updates and evolved in recent years. In the big update of 2019, we saw the addition of one of the most popular hero characters not only in all Ubisoft games, but also in all video games of the last decade in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Ezio Auditore is the most popular character in the revolutionary Assassin’s Creed game series, which is now appearing for the first time in another Ubisoft game. Ezio has joined the big mission game with a package called Brotherhood and has made the fans of this game excited!


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot


In The Mighty Quest for Epic LootWhich is a role-playing game, you have to play the role of heroes whose main goal is to loot enemy resources and become the biggest powerful looter in the world! You have to go to many places, including a very large black hole, and encounter many evil creatures. The big update of 2019 is the second season of this game and it has had many changes. In addition to the addition of the popular Ezio Auditore character, we also see the addition of new stages, missions and locations. In this game, like many other RPG style games, the main criterion of your progress is managing the characters under control. There are dozens of different items to equip your warriors and also you can upgrade your heroes in several levels. By navigating enemy bases and finding resources or looting them, you can find the items you need and use them directly to customize the main character of the game. In general, it should be said that the main identity of this game is in these hidden sources and the possibility of discovering and using them. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has a section called PvP Arena where you can compete with other players online. Pick up your weapons, use your special skills and forces to succeed in the upcoming battles! Great mission game with over 1 million downloadsA score of 4.0 out of 5.0 is now available as a test fromAnroid Mod servers.

Note: The name of the game has been changed and from now on it will be known as Mighty Quest x Prince of Persia.