Smart Voice Prompt Reminders v1.0.1 – Custom Voice Notification App for Android

Professional and complete version of the app worth $ 3.99

Since the release of the first mobile phone until now, when smartphones have made a lot of progress, notifications have the task of informing. When receiving a new message, it’s the missed calls, the end of processing, and… these notifications that notify users. Many developers have custom settings for their users that allow you to customize notifications. In these personalization cases there is no option to change the text displayed in the notification! But have you ever wondered what applications it can have for us Android users if we can create custom notifications with custom text ?! This issue has caused us to take your sweet experience in using the Android operating system one step further and introduce great software. Smart Voice Prompt RemindersTitle is an application for creating custom voice notifications developed by GoNext and published on Google Play. As the title of the post summarizes the whole text in a few words, this smart startup helps you dear ones to create custom notifications and make any changes in the created notifications. One of the most important uses of this unique program is the ability to create reminders for important appointments, so that you do not need any side reminder tools and you can create a reminder notification with just one touch. To avoid forgetting details, add short text with location to your notifications and make sure you give your life a special order. One of the most important features available is the playback of audio notifications! In this case, the user can record his voice when creating a notification, so that the existing sound is played automatically when the notification is displayed. The software environment is very simple and even the most novice users can benefit from this smart app.

Some features and capabilities of Smart Voice Prompt Reminders Android application:

  • Ability to create custom notifications in a variety of modes
  • Create smart reminders in the form of notifications
  • A set of management options for making reminder notifications
  • Record the user’s personal voice for use in the notification!
  • Play recorded sounds when receiving notifications
  • Intelligent text-to-speech system for a perfect audio player
  • Simple user interface away from any complexity

The Smart Voice Prompt Reminders application has been released for free by its developer on Google Play for $ 3.99 with in-network payment, taking advantage of its various features and capabilities. Note that this program has not been sold yet and by receiving the professional version of it from  Anroid Modwebsite, you will undoubtedly be one of the first users in Iran and the world.


Smart Voice Prompt Reminders