Play Spaceflight Simulator is a game simulation is very attractive for Android by Stefo Mai Morojna Game Studios and published. As the name of this fascinating game suggests, you will travel to space in it. Your main goal in this game is to build large rockets and spaceships to get out of the Earth’s atmosphere and move to other planets. You need to design your ship well and prepare it for launch. Then you launch at a specific time and you can travel to the farthest planets and land on any planet you want.

Spaceflight Simulator game features

  • A fascinating simulation game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Very good two-dimensional graphics
  • Build ships and rockets to launch
  • Attractive challenges
  • A free world title
  • Existence of different planets such as Mars, Earth and…
  • Landing on other planets
  • Observe the surface of the planets
  • And other features


As mentioned, Spaceflight Simulator is an attractive Android simulation game in which you will build and send spaceships. You can customize different parts of your spaceship and use it to fly into space. This game is a free world title and you move freely to different planets throughout the system and land anywhere you want. In this way, you will perform fascinating challenges and travel to different planets with your spaceship, and you will enjoy playing this fascinating game with easy gameplay.