TELEGRAM 7.9.1 Final – the latest and latest version of Telegram Android Messenger with Telegram Windows, a
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Telegram – Telegram is a powerful, free and excellent global messenger with high security and speed from  Digital Fortress for Android operating system , which has been downloaded more than 500 million times by Android users around the world and is one of the most popular. It goes and its update is in front of you! Telegram – Telegram is designed with a focus on two important factors: high speed and security, and allows users to quickly upload their favorite photos, videos, files and texts to your friends anywhere on the planet. Let them be the soil they are! Yes, this messenger is very similar to the famous WhatsApp application, with the difference that the features that Telegram provides to users compared to WhatsAppIt is more and we recommend it to all users who are looking for a free and unique messenger! In Telegram software, you have the possibility to chat indefinitely with your friends and acquaintances, create chat rooms to infinite people and chat in groups, including your various files, including Upload video up to +1 GB and rest assured that you will always have your messages as all your messages will be saved so you can access them! If you are looking for one of the best and most complete messengers and messengers for Android, do not miss Telegram in any way!

Some of the key features and capabilities of the Telegram Android application:

  • Ability to create and chat in groups with chat rooms to infinite people!
  • Ability to send photos, videos and files without volume limit (unlimited)
  • Store all your conversations on the app’s cloud servers for access with other devices
  • Having incredibly powerful encryption to protect the privacy of unmatched users!
  • Provide a variety of incredibly beautiful emoticons for use in the chat environment by the user
  • Support for stickers with thousands of great stickers to use + Ability to make stickers
  • Display animated GIF images without the need to download and save them for use on the chat page
  • Having a version of Windows to use Messenger on your computer!
  • Ability to create dedicated channels and invite friends using the link and channel name
  • Ability to define administrator and admin for channels created by the main channel administrator
  • Ability to build dedicated robots + default robots to make stickers and…
  • Assign a custom username for yourself + various privacy settings
  • Ability to add custom photos to your profile (by assigning a new photo, the previous photo will remain)
  • Option to select Show your last visit or Last Seen Recently text for contacts or all users
  • Powerful search function to find custom text among group chats and more
  • Automatic and fast synchronization of information and contacts between the Windows and Android versions of your account
  • Various background setting settings and more to customize your telegram
  • Information notification settings page with dozens of customization options related to LED and audio
  • Ability to easily and directly share messages, images and even channel posts
  • Functional and interesting option to edit messages sent to groups or contacts
  • Support for the world’s living languages, including Shirin Farsi (language settings)
  • 100% free (unlike instant messengers who have to pay a fee after a while)

Telegram application – Telegram with hundreds of millions of downloads from the Android Market has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 , which we provide you with the latest version of it today in  Anroid Modand you can download it with one click. If we want to introduce the best messenger for Android right now, you can be sure that the name of Telegram Messenger shines; Of course, it is better to mention that Telegram is very popular in Iran, otherwise Telegram is not very useful in other countries, and in the news published in the last few days, WhatsApp is still the most popular global messenger!

Note: Do not download and install Telegram from other sites – beta versions that are released by other sites several hours in advance are not official and it is not clear where their source is; Do not trust anywhere and just safely get the Telegram update from Anroid Mod .


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