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TL Pro - resource loader for Terraria, which allows:
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JULY 12 ,2021
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For those of you who’re interested in the exciting gameplay of Terraria, then you’re definitely in luck, as the amazing PC title has now been available on your Android devices. But moreover, with the release of the interest in TL Pro application, which stands for Terraria Loader, Android users can make the most out of their favorite games, in the best ways possible.

Which is why, you can now make uses of the interesting in-app features from TL Pro to enjoy your Terraria gameplay to the fullest. Make full customizations to the in-game environments, characters, textures, content, gameplay, you name it. Hence, Android gamers can now have absolute fun with their Terraria adventures while playing its interesting features that this awesome app from PixelCurves has to offer.

Find out more about the interesting mobile app of TL Pro as we take a look at its interest features in the following reviews.

What does it do?

First of all, you shouldn’t mistake TL Pro as a mobile game that you can enjoy with a single installation on your Android devices. Instead, it’s a support application for the famous Terraria game on your mobile devices, which will allow you to better enjoy your in-game experiences.

For that reason, you can find inside TL Pro a whole collection of customizable features, which will let you easily and interesting modified your Terraria gameplay. Either be visual or gameplay-related, TL Pro offers tons of interesting changes that you can have on your Terraria experiences.

And with the app being built and properly linked to the interesting game of Terraria on your mobile devices, you’ll find it relatively easy to pick up the game and enjoy the customized experiences while also using TL Pro.

Have fun changing the textures to make your pixelated gameplay smoother and more interesting. Make uses of the available cheat and hacks to better enjoy your in-game experiences. Customize your own versions of the game or choose the supported packs that were created by others.

Nonetheless, you’ll certainly find your Terraria gameplay a lot more interesting with this new app of TL Pro.


Since it’s just a support app for the main game, it’s natural that you’ll need the Terraria game available on your mobile devices first, and that’s it. Also, make sure that your devices is perfectly normal and are running on Android 4.4 or up. With the game being quite undemanding, and so is the app, you’ll find it relatively comfortable running these two applications on your mobile devices.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simply replace the in-game resources with customized ones

To begin with, Android gamers in TL Pro can easily find themselves getting comfortable with the in-app features while attempting to perform intuitive and interesting customizations to your gameplay. Feel free to replace all your in-game resources with the customizable ones in the app and make all kinds of changes as you proceed in your Terraria adventures.

Start by making uses of the intuitive button and touch controls as you effectively navigate through the in-app options. Make changes to any of your in-game experiences with the available customizations whenever you want. Feel free to disable the tombstones to make your quick escape, adjust your amour setups to enjoy better experiences with the game, enjoy the customized textures with better visuals, pick up multiple items and gears whenever you want, and more.

You can always make uses of the app while playing the game, using the intuitive shortcut button to quickly load up the customizing panels. And never find the game getting bored with awesome customizations in TL Pro, which you can choose to get as much involved as you wanted.

Enjoy the exciting cheats during the game

Also, as you dive into the exciting adventures in Terraria and find yourself getting troubled by the intimidating monsters, or having a hard time getting through some challenges and puzzles, it’s always possible for you to make uses of the available cheats in TL Pro.

Feel free to make uses of the intuitive cheat panels while playing the game on your mobile devices and make changes to the gameplay whenever you want. Here, you’ll find the available cheats being sectioned into varied categories, each with their own intuitive icons for better navigating and customizing the game. Quickly browse the cheats using the fast scroll features. Also, the Noclip function in the cheat menu will also make the app a lot more intuitive for Android users.

Quickly load up customized packs from other developers

For those of you who’re interested and are looking for a quick start in the game, you can also pick up pre-made modifications that were created by other developers and apply them to your Terraria gameplay. Just remember to have your Internet connection available before you access the online pack lists. Feel free to browse multiple packs that are now available for download in TL Pro. Make changes to the in-game textures, worlds, and players with little efforts. Begin your customized and exciting gameplay whenever you are ready.


Create your own interesting customized gameplay

To make the game more interesting, you can also make your own changes with the support from TL Pro. Feel free to browse through the different editing options in the game with the intuitive gameplay UI in TL Pro. Find yourself enjoying the intuitive experiences with the editor as you choose between the Textures, Worlds, and Characters customizations.

Navigate through the different customizations and choose the ones that you find interesting. It’s extremely easy to make changes to your gameplay and you can freely personalize the experiences to however you wanted. Also, it’s possible for you to change certain settings in the app to enable more comfortable experiences.

And if you find your created worlds, textures, or characters quite interesting, and wish to share them with other gamers, it’s totally possible for you to upload your changes.

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