Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival 1.23.5 + Mod – Zero City Android game
original version + mod version (kill with one blow) individually
tested with no problems


Zero City: Zombie Shelter SurvivalA fascinating and exciting game in the style of simulation games published by BEINGAME LIMITED for Android devices! The creators of Zero City have used the zombie theme in their new game, which has been used by filmmakers and game makers for many years. Games with zombie-related content are known to all and are undoubtedly challenging. In this game, players must seek refuge in a new world full of danger and zombie attacks and try to survive. Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival brings players an exciting new experience of zombie invasion and survival challenges. After the virus spreads on Earth and humans become zombies, you have to build an underground organization and try to survive. In addition, you should look for other people who are not yet infected with the zombie virus and save them. The more people you can find and rescue, the wider your base and underground organization will be, reducing the number of your enemies. In addition to rescuing humans, players must constantly fight zombies. If you do not destroy them, zombies will increase and attack your base! If you are a fan of survival games with a different construction, this game will undoubtedly attract your attention!




In Zero City: Zombie Shelter SurvivalYou are the hero of the apocalypse! Take command of one of the last underground organizations in the world and train young warriors. Give them weapons and equipment and specify their duties. In Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival you can upgrade rooms and build various defense structures. In this way, bring the survivors together and lead them to build a stronger and more impenetrable underground organization. Whatever your home is, protect it with all your heart and soul. Players can search for abandoned areas and collect various items that can be used to fight zombies. There are hundreds of fights against different groups of zombies on the game map that you must win and collect points. The atmosphere of the game is fictional and the gameplay is very easy, also the special effects of the game are great in terms of graphics and HD quality. TeamAnroid Mod this game in a tested and completely free form for you dear ones, which you can download from our servers if you wish. At the end of this post, you can see the introduction video and screenshots of the game to get more acquainted with this game. I hope you enjoy this game!