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The Internet has made our communication with each other very easy and fast. Now our distance from the companion is only one click. Excellent applications and services have been offered to make human communication on the Internet easier and more efficient. These include messaging apps, social media, and more. Using these programs, you can communicate with each other in text and even audio and video. However, these tools are designed for personal use and conversation with a limited number of users and can not be used for business meetings, conferences and.. That is why special tools have been created for such works, and today we are at your service with one of the best of them. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an application for holding online meetings and business conferences, especially for the Android operating system, which is developed by zoom..us is developed and published for free on Google Play. Zoom has a special client for most operating systems and can be used with any device and hold high quality online video conferences. To use Zoom, you must register in this program and have an account. Then you can easily arrange an online meeting with the push of a button. Each session is assigned an ID and password that you can share with other users to join your conference or online session. It is also possible to share the invitation link with email, URL, SMS and.. Meeting participants can choose to be the sole observer or to participate in the discussions, either audio or video. Interesting features such as changing the background, sharing files with other users, sending text messages to them and…. There is one that makes zoom one of the best of its kind. In such a way that it is used by 500 thousand companies in the world. With Zoom, you can video chat with 100 other users simultaneously without delay, interruption or loss of quality.

Some features and capabilities of ZOOM Cloud Meetings Android application :

  • Voice and video call with 100 people simultaneously, without delay and interruption
  • Holding online meetings and conferences with excellent video quality
  • Share the phone screen with others
  • Share file types with users present at the meeting
  • Send voice and text messages in groups
  • Show current status of users (available, offline and…)
  • Invite to join the conference by email, SMS, meeting ID and other methods
  • Ability to participate in online meetings as an active member or only as an observer
  • Support for Wi-Fi and radio networks (3G and 4G)
  • Has safe driving mode
  • No dependence on a specific operating system, you can meet online with other users who have the same application on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. The app also supports regular phones, ZoomPresence tools and 323 / SIP standard.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings application with more than 100 million downloads from Google Play, has established its position as one of the best online conference applications and with the satisfaction of Android users, it has been able to receive a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Anroid ModVisit Site for free.


ZOOM Cloud Meetings